about chef lauren ashley

The What, Where and Why!

What do I love about cooking
I love that cooking gives me the freedom to express LOVE on a plate. I'm able to impact souls with every stir, shake, flip and sizzle of a dish. 

Where did it start

 It all started with my paternal grandmother. She has always cared for people whether that meant physically or nourishing them through food. Being in the kitchen with her during those summers spent in Mississippi; I can say helped to spark a love for flavor and quality time. Not much was ever said but between her humming a tune, hearing the sounds of pots and pans clinging, and smelling butter melting in a skillet brings joy to my soul. All it took for me was to be at her hip or at the table helping in some way gave me energy. She's not a fancy cook and will always use what she has on hand. That's the definition of soul food to me.  I believe God ignited that passion for cooking within me and now He has allowed me to make a career of it as well as a ministry. I truly enjoy spreading the love of Christ through food. It's not just cooking to me anymore but feeding God's people spiritually and naturally; caring for their soul through soul food. I have been cooking for over 13 years. I may not have been classically trained but I have the passion, skill and the backing of Heaven as a chef now. I have an understanding of how to prepare healthier soul food as well as offering private events and catering services. I have come to learn that education can lead you to a great career but it is the GIFT that God gives you that makes you successful and brings you before great men, Proverbs 18:16.  

 Why SoulFULLy Smooth
Why not? We specialize in fresh and flavorFULL dishes that are seasoned with soul and full of love. We do private events, meal prep and offer a healthy variety of weekly sensational salad and meal prep specials.